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Rock "Museums" and Sites

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Memphis, Tennesse
Sun Studio
Sun Studio and Sun Records
Graceland, Memphis
Stax - Soulsville USA Museum
Rock n' Soul Museum, Memphis
We had to miss out on this one.
It was closed as they were moving to a
new building. It looks great - hope to see it next time.
Memphis rock books
Nashville, Tennessee
Country Music Hall of Fame - Nashville
Country Music Hall of Fame - Nashville
Hall of fame
Inside the Hall of Fame
Ryman Auditorium
Ryman Auditorium - Nashville, Tennessee
(former home of the Grand Ole Opry)
RCA Studio - Nashville
RCA Victor Studio B, Nashville
Hard Rock Cafe
The HRC's are to be found in many countries and many cities. They must have the biggest collection of rock memorabilia ever. Guitars, clothes, drums, photographs, posters etc
The great thing is it's free. Just go buy yourself a beer or a meal, and browse their walls and watch the videos.
Hard Rock Cafe, New Orleans
Hard Rock Cafe - London
Hard Rock Cafe - London
(the first HRC in the world !)
Check out locations [ Hard Rock Cafe ]
The Vault - Hard Rock Cafe, London
Located in the vault of a former bank, below the HRC store and adjacent to the Hard Rock Cafe in London.
The Vault is not large, just one room behind a twelve inch thick steel door, but it is the rock and roll equivalent of the candy store.
It is also touchy feely - which means if you want to touch Keith Richards' guitar or wear Bob Dylan's hat or try Jerry Lee's boots - you can. if you want to hold Jimi Hendrix's guitar that's worth millions you can and you can play it too (hopefully if you know how). The only thing that is missing is a bloody great Marshall amp to plug it into.
Our guide Jimmy looked like he had just left the Hell's Angels but he was a really nice guy and informative about the collection. A fan's fan.
But try steeling his prize exhibits and I think the steel door will shut on you - and if you make it to the stairs, he will be calling his former mates to come and sort you out !
The Vault - rock and roll cany store
In the Vault
Jimi Hendrix's guitar
Jimi Hendrix's custom guitar
reputedly played at the Isle of Wight.
This is a must-visit rock museum.
And it's free - courtesy of HRC.
Check out [ Hard Rock Cafe - The Vault ]
[ HRC London Vault Tour ]
UK National Centre for Popular Music
if you are looking for it in Sheffield, UK,
forget it.
It closed in 1999 after wasting £11m (US$20m)
of public money.
British rock tourist sites

Check out [ this link ]
Check out the Jimi Hendrix guitar at the Vault
see The Vault - [ below ]
Abbey Road Studio, London
Abbey Road
Abbey Road Studio - London
Special Film Festival at Abbey Road Studio
19th March - 3rd April 2005
Rare chance to visit the famous Beatles studio.
For the first time ever, the legendary Abbey Road Studios open their doors to the public with a two-week season of films, which were scored at the studios.
Abbey Road crossing
Abbey Road - March 2005
Abbey Road - Studio 2
Abbey Road - Studio 2 - Beatles studio
John Lennon Museum - Tokyo, Japan
John Lennon Museum - Tokyo
John Lennon Museum - Tokyo, Japan
John Lennon - Havana, Cuba
John in Havana, cuba
Statue of John Lennon by Jose Villa in
Parque John Lennon, Havana, Cuba
Unveiled on 8th December 2000
John in Havana, Cuba
Liverpool, UK
Magical MysteryTour - the Beatles in Liverpool
Cavern Club
Cavern Club - Visit Liverpool
Detroit, USA
Motown Historical Museum - Hitsville USA
Elvis-A-Rama Museum, Las Vegas
Elvis-A-Rama Museum, Las Vegas
Closed October 2006
[ Roadside America review ]
Memphis celebrates Sixty Years vof Rock and Roll
60 years
Read about it
[ Sixty years package ]
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