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The Beatles

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Beatles - band line-up
John Lennon - Vocals, rhythm guitar
Paul McCartney - Vocals, bass guitar
George Harrison - Lead guitar
Ringo Starr - Drums
Previous band members
Pete Best Drums
Stu Sutcliffe Bass guitar
Brian Epstein Manager
George Martin Producer
Abbey Road Studio, London
Abbey Road
Abbey Road Studio - London
Special Film Festival at Abbey Road Studio
19th March - 3rd April 2005
Was a rare chance to visit the famous Beatles studio.
For the first time ever, the legendary Abbey Road Studios opened their doors to the public with a two-week season of films, which were scored at the studios.
Beatles - what might have been !
"Finishing School"
- the greatest Beatles album never made
Beatles - Discography - Album CD
Date Rel.
UK highest
US highest
Please Please Me 1963      
With the Beatles 1963      
Hard Day's Night 1964      
Beatles for Sale 1964      
Something New 1964     USA
The Beatles' Second Album 1964     USA
Beatles '65 1964     USA
Help 1965      
Rubber Soul 1965      
Beatles VI 1965     USA
Revolver 1966      
Yesterday...and Today 1966     USA
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1967      
Magical Mystery Tour (EP) 1967      
White Album 1968      
Abbey Road 1969      
Let It Be 1970      
Compilations etc. :-        
The Beatles 1962-1966 1973      
The Beatles 1967-1970 1973      
Live at thje BBC 1994      
Anthology 1 1995      
Anthology 2 1996      
Anthology 3 1996      
Let It Be ...Naked 2003      
Beatles - Discography - Singles
Date Rel.
UK highest
US highest
Love me do 1962      
Please Please Me        
From Me to You        
She loves you        
I want to hold your hand        
Can't buy me Love        
A Hard Day's Night        
I feel fine        
Eight days a week        
John Lennon b. 09/10/1940 d. 8th December 1980
Paul McCartney b. xx/xx/19xx  
George Harrison   d. 29th November 2001
Ringo Starr    
Beatles - previous groups
The Quarrymen
Johnny and the Moondogs
Silver Beatles
The Beatles
The Cavern Club, Liverpool
The Beatles played 292 times at the Cavern.
Another report says 300.
The Myths of the Cavern Club
The Beatles
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Albums and CD's
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The Beatles
The Beatles
George Harrison
John Lennon
Ringo Starr
The Beatles
John Lennon - Havana, Cuba
John in Havana, cuba
Statue of John Lennon by Jose Villa in
Parque John Lennon, Havana, Cuba
Unveiled on 8th December 2000
John in Havana, Cuba
Beatles in America - 1964
February 7th, 1964 Beatles arrive in New York.
February 9th, 1964 First appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, NYC.
February 11th, 1964 First public concert, Washington DC.
February 12th, 1964 Two concerts in Carnegie Hall, NYC.
February 16th, 1964 Second appearance on Ed Sullivan Show, live from Miami Beach.
February 21st, 1964 Beatles return to London.
Beatlemania hits USA - 7th February 1964
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8th December - John Lennon died
John Lennon 1940-1980
John Lennon - in the Beatles  era
John Lennon killed in New York
Site of the week
John Lennon Museum - Tokyo, Japan
John Lennon
34 years ago - shot in New York on the 8th December 1980 - "the city John loved"
... and George Harrison died 30th November 2001.

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