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Mark Knopfler

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Mark Knopfler
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Mark Knopfler
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Mark Knopfler
Trailer tracks from the "Shangri-La" album
Shangri-La trailer - (broadband) - (low version)
Boom, Like That
Everybody Pays
Discography - Album CD
Dire Straits * 1978  
Communique * 1979  
Making Movies * 1980  
Love Over Gold * 1982  
Local Hero - soundtrack (solo) *    
Twisting by the Pool - ( EP mini-album) *    
Alchemy * 1984  
Brothers In Arms * 1985  
Money for Nothing (compilation) *    
The Princess Bride (soundtrack)      
Cal (soundtrack)      
Golden Head      
Screenplaying   2001  
Ragpicker's Dream      
Sailing to Philadelphia      
Neck and Neck (with Chet Atkins) **    
Wag The Dog (soundtrack)      
Why Aye Man      
Shangri-La   2004  
*=Dire Straits
**=with Chet Atkins
Dire Straits - line-up
Mark Knopfler (guitar and vocals)
Hal Lindes (guitar)
John Illsley (bass)
Pick Withers (drums)
Alan Clark (keyboards)
Mark Knopfler born Glasgow on the 12th August 1949.
Formed Dire Straits in 1977.
Former groups
Dire Straits
Brewer's Droop
Cafe Racers
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The first Dire Straits album was produced by Muff Winwood, ex-Spencer Davis Group and brother of Steve Winwood.

The band name "Dire straits" came from their
early financial state.

Mark Knopfler has wriitten the soundtrack for many films.

Suffered a bad motor-cycle accident in March 2003
and unable to perform for many months.
Mark Knopfler
from the recent BBC sessions

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