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Check out this important page
from RNID about protecting
your hearing featuring
Mick Fleetwood of
Fleetwood Mac

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Rock drummers are tops

Rock drummers are top athletes according to recent report.

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BBC Radio 1 - UK Top 40 Rock Albums
The latest UK Top 40 singles chart.

It's a horrible looking web-page !
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Satan messages backwards?
It has often been reported that some records have satanic messages when played backwards.
Check out this interesting site!
[ Backmasking ]
When Rock n' Roll was Fifty !

The RockSite visit to Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans.

Sun studio - the birthplace of rock and roll
RCA Victor Studio  B - Nashville
Seems like a decade ago. It was !
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Phil Everly dies aged 74
3rd January 2014
Buy Everly Brothers tickets
Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers duo
dies in Los Angeles aged 74.
[ Link ]
Alvin Lee dies aged 68

Alvin Lee, well known rock guitarist and former member of Ten Years After, dies on 6th March 2013, aged 68.

[ BBC News report ]
Reg Presley of the Troggs dies

Reg Presley, front-man with The Troggs and famous for the iconic classic "Wild Thing" dies aged 71.

[ BBC News report ]
Wilko Johnson feels alive with cancer

Former Dr Feelgood member Wilko Johnson has spoken of the strange "euphoria" he has experienced since being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

[ BBC News report ]
[ Wilko Johnson site ]
Jon Lord dies aged 71

Former Deep Purple and Whitesnake keyboard player Jon Lord dies 16th July 2012, aged 71.
He was a founder member of Deep Purple and co-wrote Smoke On The Water.

[ BBC News report ]
[ Wikipedia - Jon Lord ]
Ex-Shadow Jet Harris dies

Jet Harris the bass player and original member of the Shadows has died on 18th March 2011, aged 71.

[ BBC News report ]
Gary Moore dies aged 58

Gary Moore the influential guitarist and former member of Thin Lizzy died on the 6th February 2011 whilst on holiday in Spain.

[ BBC News report ]
Gerry Rafferty dies aged 63

Gerry Rafferty died on 4th January 2011, aged 63, in Scotland. His Baker Street song from the album City to City was instantly recognisable with it's haunting sax sound. He was also the singer in Stealer's Wheel who had a big 1970's hit with Stuck In The Middle With You.
BBC Obituary

[ BBC News report ]
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John Lennon - Havana, Cuba
John in Havana, cuba
Statue of John Lennon in a park in Havana, Cuba
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Sun Sudio -  Elvis came here
Streaming videos
[ check it out here ]
Check out The RockSite visit to Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans.
See the photos, videos, bands and links. [ click here ]
Sun Studio, Memphis
Sun Studios

"Lets go back to Sun ...
it was fun there"

[ check it out ]
Day Tripper
Off to visit the Abbey Road Festival.
Abbey Road crossing
Abbey Road - March 2005
Abbey road - Studio 2
Abbey Road - Studio 2 - Beatles studio
There we are - the proof !
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